Pearly May Reformada is a beautiful brindle with amazing tiger strips. She is very out going and loves to play.



Pups available.

We have 2 fawn females, one fawn male and 2 brindle females available.  If you are interested and would like more information please email me at reformadadanes@aol.com. Puppies can go home on or after July 6th 2012.


Have a great 4th of July everyone.

Here is pictures taken on 8-15-2010.  She is layed back and calm.  She was tired when we took the pictures and she didn’t want to get up. 🙂

Jessica is flying home tomorrow. She is going to a wonderful family… 🙂

Here is new pictures of Jessia Reformada. There is a sale pending on her.

These we taken on 8-15-2010. She is very layed back and very sweet. Calm and gentle. Very loving girl how want to please everyone.  She just sat there and was looking so sweet..

Colonel Reformada is available. He has a golden coat with beautiful tiger stripes. He is very loving and loves to play.

Here is Odis Reformada. What a beautiful boy, he has wonderful markings.  He is very loving and loves to run.