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Wilson Jr. Reformada


Here is Wilson Jr. from our first litter. He has a wonderful family in Californa.  He is very loving and very handsome.  Wilson Jr. look just like his father and from the stories I hear from his family, he acts just like him.



Wilson Jr. loves to go camping with his  family, and boy does he turn heads!


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Wyatt Reformada is the last pup. He is currently 42 pounds and looking great. When Wyatt was a little pup his brothers and sister gave him a belly button hernia. We took him to the Vet and he said not to worry. That this kind of hernia is not uncommon in puppies (because they tend to play very rough with each other). We took Wyatt in at 8 weeks old and the Vet fix his hernia. Two weeks later we took him to the Vet for a follow up. Doctor said that it looks great, there isn’t any redness or swelling. He also said there will be a little suture reaction but this will go away in time as he gets bigger (there might be a small scare but for a dog his size,  it isn’t going to be much). I love to run and play with Mom and Dad in the yard. He is a very loving guy. If you are interested in Wyatt please email me! Thank you for checking our Reformada Danes! 


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